We help you choose the right cloud strategy. Together with you, we will determine which systems are eligible for replacement by cloud applications. Then we get started with the installation and ensure that your data is migrated correctly.
Whether it's e-mail, office applications, CRM, networks, security ... The cloud offers specialized solutions for every aspect of business operations. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you to the cloud!

    Google business tools for online collaboration

    G Suite

    CRM, project management and invoicing in one simple tool


    100% cloud managed network solution

    Cisco Meraki

    Enterprise devices built to work in the cloud

    Google Chrome

    The telephony system that was born in the cloud



Is your company in need of a robust, scalable and secure network? For a fixed monthly fee, we can offer you a fully managed solution based on Cisco Meraki.

Cogetix Managed Network


There are many applications in the cloud. Each application specializes in digitizing one particular aspect of the business. When you use different cloud applications, you want to be able to easily pass information from one application to another. We help you to make the necessary links between different tools while developing your custom cloud application. You can discover some of our integrations that were launched as a product below!


Thanks to cloud applications, we can always be productive and we have the opportunity to work with colleagues in real time. That is, if everybody is able to use the new applications effectively. To make sure that this is the case, you should regularly provide hands-on training explaining the possibilities of the tools. This is also a great opportunity to communicate internal agreements and best practices to all employees!


Even after implementing a cloud system, you can count on us to support your IT environment. We like to do this in an involved manner, so that we can closely monitor the digital evolution of your organization. Please have a look at our support page for detailed information on how our service desk operates: support.cogetix.com.

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